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drivingSpotify Adds a 'Car View' Feature to its Android App

Truth be told, it can be dangerous to listen to music while you are driving, especially if you use a mobile device and you want to interact with it. Fortunately, Spotify has added a 'Car View' feature to its Android app, making it distraction-free and adding larger fonts and bigger buttons to the application.

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vlcVLC Allows its Users to Beam Content to Apple TVs

The popular VLC, one of the best open source media players, will soon be able to stream your favorite movies to an Apple TV by making use of the AirPlay feature. The good news, especially for Mac and/or iOS users, is that the player allows people to stream content from third-party platforms as well.

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linux phoneLibrem 5, the Smartphone that Protects Your Private Info

Purism, the company that is dedicated to freedom, privacy and security, will soon release Librem 5, a smartphone that runs using an ethical open-source operating system and/or the Linux OS. The device doesn't track its users and can also be purchased in a kit that includes a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

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screen timeChildren Benefit from the Right Sort of Screen Time

While allowing your kids to spend several hours a day by wading through hundreds of social media posts is definitely a bad idea, smartphones and tablets can also be powerful educational tools. A recent study has demonstrated that technology isn't necessarily bad; it's the way we use those screens that really matters.

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smartphone21 Surprising Things You Can Do with Your Smartphone

Consumer Reports has recently published an article that highlights 21 hidden smartphone superpowers. Read it and you will discover that your phone can count your steps, let people know that you are driving, keep tabs on a child or an elderly parent, track your screen time, schedule text messages, and more.

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memoryYour Next Smartphone May Have 1TB of Storage Space

If you are running low on storage space, Samsung has got some great news for you: the company has managed to produce the industry's first 1TB embedded universal flash storage module. The embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 2.1 chip will transfer data at 10x the speed of a typical microSD card.

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